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Call Divert – Telephone Answering Services UK

How to divert your calls to the telephone answering service.

You can divert your calls to us by using ‘Call Divert’ through your telephone provider. You may need to contact your provider to enable this service.

The instructions below are applicable to most landline telephones (BT, Virgin, etc) but may vary depending on your provider and/or your phone system (if you have one).

You will have four divert options:

Divert when engaged or no reply (most popular): *66*
Divert only when engaged: *67*
Divert only when no reply: *61*
Divert all calls: *21*

How to activate a divert:

1. Pick up the telephone handset
2. Dial your chosen divert code – either *66*, *67*, *61* or *21*
3. When prompted, dial the telephone number we assigned you followed by #

How to cancel a divert:

Pick up the telephone handset and press # followed by the divert code #