Partner Scheme

Would you like to offer telephone answering services without the time, expense and hassle of running your own service? If so, consider working with – the UK’s original pay as you go telephone answering service.

We have two options, Referrals and Resellers. Choose whatever suits you and let’s start working together!


This is the quickest and easiest way to get started and monetising your contacts/network, site traffic and/or database.

1. Submit your referrals/leads to us
We’ll contact them to progress further, or they can contact us directly and mention your name.

2. We’ll update you
We’ll let you know promptly whenever a referral/lead converts into a sign-up.

3. We’ll pay you
We’ll pay you 10% of your sign-ups monthly invoice for the duration they remain a client. We’ll send you a monthly or quarterly revenue statement which you then invoice us against; we’ll pay within 30 days by Bank Transfer or PayPal.

✉️ Email to register as a Referrer.


This is if you’d like to use your own branding, maintain the customer relationship and handle all billing. You would set your own pricing and payment terms. As the Reseller, you would be our customer and all your customers would be regarded as sub-accounts of your Master account, for which you are responsible.

Setting up new customers
Just complete our online sign-up form for each of your customers and we’ll send their welcome emails directly to you. All our communication would go via you rather than to your customers.

Each month, on or around the 1st, we’ll send you an itemised invoice for all your accounts. Payment is due upon receipt by credit/debit card or Direct Debit. Remember you are responsible for paying your monthly invoice whether or not your clients pay you.

When we send telephone messages to your customers, they’ll come from an unbranded email address.

✉️ Email to register as a Reseller.