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Number Porting

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Number porting involves transferring a telephone number from one communications provider (CP) to another.

Retaining the same phone number in business offers various advantages. However, whether you’re relocating, embracing remote work, seeking increased flexibility, or aiming to cut costs, porting your number to NoMissedCalls could be the ideal solution.

We can port (move) almost any landline number onto our service, including BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, as well as numbers from VoIP providers.

The benefits:

By transferring your existing phone number from your old phone company to NoMissedCalls, you can choose how to handle your incoming calls. They can either be answered live by our virtual receptionists and handled as per your instructions, or, we can divert calls to your mobile or another landline.

How long does it take?

Most single number ports take less than a week to complete, but it can be longer depending on the type of line you have and the number of phone numbers you wish to move. There is no loss of service during this period.

What is needed to start the porting process?

You’ll need to provide a copy of your telephone bill showing your name, address and the telephone number (to prove it belongs to you).

Before making your request please check that:

  • The number is still working. Otherwise, we can recover it if service was cancelled less than 31 days ago.
  • You’re happy for any services on the current line/number to end – including any broadband service.
  • Do not place an order with the current provider to cease or stop the line, as the porting process is designed to do this for you.



Once ported, you just pay monthly for your call handling

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