Other Telephone Answering Add-Ons

Extra services/features to enhance your telephone answering service with us.

Message Reply:

You can reply to the telephone messages we take and send to you. This enables you to give us feedback, provide us with a note should the caller ring back or to give us a ‘task’ such as call the customer back with a response (that you’ve given us). If we call someone back for you, we’ll do so under your company name.

Price: Call backs cost £1.50 each and will be added to your monthly invoice.

Additional Phone Numbers:

Additional numbers are ideal for expanding your business into new regions and for tracking your advertising/marketing responses. We have all UK number ranges available as well as many international number ranges.

Price: £15 each to setup with a minimum charge of 5 calls per month.

Fax to Email:

We’ll allocate you a fax number with any UK dialling code you wish. Any faxes received will be emailed to you instantly as PDF.

Price: £15 to setup + £5 per month rental for unlimited faxes.