Advantages of a Telephone Answering Service for Estate & Lettings Agents

First impressions are everything. Estate and Lettings Agents are everywhere, and competition is high. Calls flood in regarding the buying, selling, and renting of homes and every call is a chance to improve your profit. Therefore, it’s important to pick up the phone in three rings and by a real person and doesn’t put your potential clients off using your services. However, as a busy estate agent, it can be hard to always be at your phone, especially when showing clients around properties.

However, by choosing a call answering service, you can make sure every call is answered. So, just what are the benefits of a telephone answering service?

Never miss an opportunity

Often calls coming in are to use your service. Missed calls miss an opportunity. If you’re hard to reach or never answer the phone, it may not only damage your reputation but also turn people away. Telephone answering services can take messages, transfer calls like a virtual receptionist and manage diaries.

100% UK based

There is a terrible stereotype surrounding customer service. It suggests services move abroad to cut costs. A call answering service such as is a UK-based service that’s providing jobs for residents of the UK at fair pay and with high-level language skills.

Covers you outside of office hours

Regular office hours are 9 am till 5.30pm, but so is everyone else’s! People are more likely to call at the beginning or end of their working day. Therefore it might be easier to have a service that will pick up their call even after your workers have gone home.

The alternative is getting in a team who will work a 24-hour service. However, this will increase your payroll costs and is often difficult to find staff. Whereas a service like, have a specialist team dedicated to working at all hours at a rate that works for you.

Allows you time to leave the office

Estate and letting agents often go out to show potential buyers of new homes. They might be out assessing properties about to go on sale or organise open house events. For small businesses, this means a lot of the staff members are out of the office a lot. Therefore, are not able to answer the phone. With a flexible service like, you don’t need to higher a huge team to keep on top of calls – or get calls transferred to your phone while you’re talking to a client which could cost you a sale.

Do you still have questions about telephone answering services? provide a ‘Pay As You Go’ call answering service to ensure your potential customers are always met with a friendly voice. We take messages, transfer calls, manage diaries and take orders. simply give you a phone number (any UK dialling code) to advertise directly or divert your existing phone lines to. Contact on 0330 223 4881 or email for more information.


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