Pay-As-You-Go Telephone Answering Services

Companies tasked with ensuring the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of business premises needs to be on-call if there are any client issues. Helpdesks can be overwhelmed with calls and enquiries. As well as this, full reports need to be made if any problems need sorting out. With something as serious as safety and general maintenance, all calls are essential. What are the benefits of getting a call answering service to help?

Never miss a call

The competition between facilities management companies is high. You need to on top of all calls and enquiries, not to mention follow up procedures. Missed phone calls can look bad and ruin client relationships. If it’s an emergency, such as an electrical fault or a risk to the lives of the employees, it’s of utmost importance that someone is answering the phone. With a service, such as No Missed Calls there is always someone ready and waiting to take calls.

Great if you’re always out the office

For facilities management, it might require a high amount of scheduled and spontaneous call outs. It might mean it’s much harder to have someone permanently in the office just to answer the phones. If you’re out of the office, then you should have a ‘pay as you go’ No Missed Calls plan. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about answering the phone in front of a client, or missing them entirely. Having that friendly voice can be miles better than an answering machine.

24-hour service

Maintenance and facilities services can occur at odd hours. Sometimes it’s because the client provides a 24-hour service. Sometimes a particular service has to be completed out of hours so as not to disturb the company during the day. Getting employees that provide a 24-hour service for customers is difficult and not many people will do it. That’s why getting a company that’s purpose is to provide out of hours care might be a simpler and more timesaving option for you.

Boosts your customer service ratings

By always responding to clients, you’ll build up your reputation as a reliable and responsive facilities management company. Having a company like No Missed Calls can provide high quality and professional service that boost your customer service ratings.

If you’re looking to improve your call handling and improve the service you offer to your clients, get in touch with the team at No Missed Calls today to put your plan into action.

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