Pay-As-You-Go Telephone Answering Services

As a recruitment agency, you will be receiving many calls throughout the day. These calls can come from businesses that are recruiting and from candidates looking for work. It is essential that you are on hand to answer all of these enquiries, so as not to miss out on any essential business.

It can be a struggle to manage a high volume of phone calls, as well as get on with your day to day tasks, and this is where a telephone answering service can help. There are various advantages of a telephone answering service for recruitment agencies which include;

A Personal Touch

One of the most important aspects of a recruitment agency is to be personable and be able to build lasting and productive relationships with both businesses and individuals. 57% of people prefer to hear a voice as opposed to receiving an email or message, and a phone call is considered one of the very best forms of communication.

Always Available

As a recruitment agency, one of the biggest challenges you will face is trying to get hold of candidates. For many that are already in full-time employment, they often can’t answer or make phone calls during the working day and will call you back in the evenings or weekends.

A telephone answering service will mean that these candidates still have someone to speak to, no matter what time of day they call, and their messages can be passed on to you immediately.

Save Money

Recruiting an in-house team to answer the phone calls can be an expensive option, especially if you are paying for them to sit behind a desk for long hours waiting for the phone to ring. In addition to paying for staff to answer the phones, you will also need to cover the costs of their training and monitoring to ensure they are giving an excellent service.

By choosing a telephone answering service, you will save on your payroll costs and only pay for the calls that you actually receive. All the while, you know a team of experts are handling your calls professionally.

24/7 UK Call Operators

At No Missed Calls, we can help your recruitment business grow as we handle the many phone calls you receive. This means you can focus on securing the right talent for the right jobs. Find out more about how we can help by getting in touch.

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