Pay-As-You-Go Telephone Answering Services

There is never a second chance to make a first impression. As a solicitor, when you receive an initial call from a potential new client or from a valued existing customer, their first impression of you is how they are greeted. When you are operating a busy solicitor’s firm, it can be easy for phone calls to be missed or not given the proper time and attention that they deserve. For a consistent, professional appearance at all times, a call answering service can be an excellent asset to a solicitor’s office.

Never Miss A Call

When you are trying to grow your client base, it is essential that prospects can reach you at all times. If a potential client calls and isn’t able to speak to someone straight away, they are likely to move on to the next solicitor’s firm on their list. A telephone answering service will guarantee that there is always a helpful, professional person at the end of the phone to take every phone call.

Increase Productivity

The life of a solicitor is a busy one. If you and your team are having to take regular time out to answer every phone call, it can have a real impact on productivity. By enlisting the help of a call answering service, you will be left to focus on your existing clients and cases and give your work the undivided attention it deserves.

A Personal Approach

When a new client is looking for a solicitor, they will be looking for someone they can trust and build a good rapport with. With many people preferring to have a phone conversation over email communication, a phone answering service can give your business a personal and relatable impression right from the beginning.

Save On Payroll

There is little sense paying a receptionist to sit behind a desk all day just to answer the calls that may or may not arrive. A telephone answering service is a much cheaper alternative. Furthermore, it guarantees that someone will be able to answer your calls at all hours.

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