Pay-As-You-Go Telephone Answering Services

A lot of the time tradesmen are self-employed or are constantly out on housecalls. Therefore, there isn’t always someone in an office waiting to answer the phone. And if there is – the number of calls can be overwhelming!

If you’re struggling to keep up with the number of incoming calls and enquiries and you’d like there to be more than just an answering machine service, then maybe a telephone answering service is for you. So, how could a call answering service benefit your tradesperson business?  

24-Hour Service

Skilled professional tradespeople fix important everyday issues. Whether it’s electrical or plumbing, things can go wrong anytime. Therefore, tradespeople tend to receive calls at all times of the day. It may be the case that you need help answering calls and logging requests. A 24-hour service, like, can pick up your phone calls whenever and wherever you go.

Saves money on the payroll

You will find yourself needing to recruit someone to answer the phones – especially if your business begins to take off. Answering the phone while out with a client can seem rude. However, getting someone in the office to answer calls requires money, time and training.

With a call answering service, you know that they are already trained professionals. In addition to this, due to the packages services like can provide, you don’t have to break the bank by recruiting employees.

Pay as you go

You might not need all the services all of the time. You’re probably looking for a bespoke and well-suited plan. Companies such as can sort out a plan that suits you. Some of them are even free! They’ll understand what your business needs are and you will only ever pay for what you use.

Improves your service and reputation as a small business

Having great customer service improves your reputation. This is important for tradespeople because the competition is high and bad reviews have a significant impact on profits. Telephone answering services can make sure that someone professional and friendly answers to the phone. For example, at, the team is highly trained, and UK based, ready and waiting to receive calls for your company.

Do you still have questions about telephone answering services? provide a ‘Pay As You Go’ call answering service to ensure your potential customers are always met with a friendly voice. They simply give you a phone number (any UK dialling code) to advertise directly or divert your existing phone lines to. take messages, transfer calls, manage diaries and take orders. Contact on 0330 223 4881 or email for more information.

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